Motorcycle Rental

Need to rent a motorcycle for Americade in Lake George, NY? No problem. Our friends at MotoVermont have an excellent line up of rental bikes to choose from, including BMW's, Honda's and Kawasaki's. We list them here because we know their bikes are in excellent condition and that they provide great service. They also offer adventure bike rentals too!




BMW R1200 GS

The motorbike that has set the standard for adventure moto touring.  Plentiful performance and exceptional ergonomics make this one of the most enjoyable touring bikes available.

$169 - $189/per day

Click here to rent!








BMW R1200 RT

A powerful and comfortable touring motorbike with several luxury amenities such as heated seats and electronically adjustable suspension.

$179 - $199/per day

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This middleweight touring bike is great fun when it comes to riding the small, windy roads of New England.  Features include heated grips, anti-lock brakes, and lower seat heights.

$149 - $169/per day

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