Tips about Parking.  Learn the Layout & Have More Fun!

FWH has a motorcycle/vehicle entrance, and a separate pedestrian entrance (see map).  Please show your wristband when entering the premises.

Parking is available at FWH (on pavement and flat grass), nearby on Beach Road (located very close to the Rider Opening Celebration location at FWH) and at the Free Parking area at Father Jogue Park (see map, click to enlarge).

The Monday evening Rider Opening Celebration will take place at the Big Top Tent (see map, click to enlarge).  The first opportunity to deposit your door prize ticket will be at the Rider Opening Celebration, so bring your door prize ticket (it’s the top ticket in your packet at the on-site Registration).


Very Popular!

Though FWH has lots more Flat Parking than RBR (the old HQ), we’re expecting much larger crowds at FWH, especially during the Rider Opening Celebration.

Park Nearby

To avoid possible parking congestion at FWH, or if the lot fills up, you can easily park on Beach Road (in front of #12), or the Free Parking area at Father Jogue Park (see #14).  See Map for Details. Click map to enlarge.

Note: FWH is centrally located and right on the main trolley route, so getting there is very easy.

Below is the map for 2013. 





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