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7 Lake Loop

An Americade Favorite! Wind through the peaceful Northern woods and along the shores of 7 pristine Adirondack lakes.

"Motorcycling through 3rd World Countries"

Jerry Smith, Author

"Draw a Crowd with your Motorcycle Stories"

Linda Crill

"Motorcycling and Advocacy"

Danielle Fowles, AMA Grassroots Coordinator

"Motorcycle Maintenance"

Randy Rodriguez, Director, GWRRA Drill Teams

"What Makes Motorcycles Turn?"

Lee Parks

"Women Riders- Independent and Ridin'"

Reno Birt

"The Voices of Female Riders"

Linda Crill

"South Africa- Western and Eastern Cape"

Florian Neuhauser - Senior Editor, RoadRunner



Jon Hosler - Garmin International

"The Touring Motorcycle Miracle: The Trike"

Jeff Vey - President, Motor Trike

"More of the Best Tips, Tricks, and Techniques!"

Diane Ortiz / George Tranos - Motorcycle Journalists, Founders/Owners, Big Apple Motorcycle School

"Touring Vermont's Scenic Roads"

Ken Aiken

"Moto-Foodie Tours"

Ken Aiken

"Life on Two Wheels vs. 3 Bedroom Home"

Jeff Kurtz - Photographer

"Your Battery/ Making it Last Longer"

Joe Majesky & Peter Koop - Yuasa Battery, Inc

"The Evolution of Communications, Are you In Charge?"

Richard Battles - Owner, RKA

"Riding Past Your Limitations"

Holly Ralph - Director, Canadian Motorcycle Association

"Motorcycle Suspension & Related Maintenance"

Matthew Wiley - RaceTech

"MotoMedicine: Riding for Medicinal Purposes"

Paul Pelland - Longhaulpaul


Rob Bellassai - MSF Rider Coach

"Helmets: Functions, Safety Standards, Fit and Care"

Randy Northrup - Vice President, Schuberth

"Cornering-for the street rider"

Rob Ballassai - MSF Rider Coach

"Picking Up Your Motorcycle & Trailer Loading"

Gin Shear and/or Sue Slate - Riders of Kawasaki Staff

"Cycle Stretch Exercises - Revitalize Yourself"

Lin Schaffer - Fitness Instructor

"A Ural in the IronButt and MS in Life"

Paul Pelland - LonghaulPaul

"Touring New Zealand"

Fred Rau - Owner Fred Rau Adventure Tours

  • FWH Conference Center
  • Wednesday 6/4, 1:00pm & Thursday 6/5, 10:00am
  • 2014 Events | Travel

"How to Avoid a Ticket"

Peter Miller - Retired Police Chief, former Motor Officer and MSF Rider Coach

  • FWH Conference Center
  • Tuesday 6/3 & Friday 6/6, 3pm
  • More Seminars

"Riding Twisties"

Sue Slate and Gin Shear

"Promoting Safety on the Road"

David & Gail Riley - Instructors/ Instructor Trainers

"Group Riding"

Ted Knight

"Basic Motorcycle Maintenance 101"

Gary Mandak

"Planning for a Long-Distance Ride"

Bob Laford

"MSF Seasoned Rider"

Don Gomo - Safety Editor


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