95 miles


Join our daily guided tour through rolling Amish country* to a hidden waterfall along the winding NY/VT line, then tour a fascinating sheep farm (www.dancingewe.com) devoted to Tuscan-style Pecorino and Ricotta cheese making, gourmet-quality Italian cured meats and olive oil.  The owners will explain their exacting process for producing some of the finest cheeses and cured meats, and you'll also enjoy seeing Spring lambs jumping and frolicking in the pastures.In their immaculate barn loft, we'll feast on exquisite antipasti directly imported from their farm in Italy, followed by homemade farm-fresh pasta, beverages and dessert. 

*A new Amish community of 100 or more farmers have moved here over the past few years, adding their time-honored lifestyle to the bucolic Washington County region.

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