Americade’s 2012 TourExpo May Be Largest Ever in Event’s 30 Years

Americade’s 2012 TourExpo May Be Largest Ever in Event’s 30 Years
2011’s Record Size May Be Surpassed In 2012

Lake George, NY:  Americade’s tradeshow, TourExpo, grew to a record 245 vendors in 2011, and may set another record in 2012. 

While other events have seen decreases over the past 5 years, Americade is very unusual because it has  grown or maintained its size, resulting in increased interest by customers.

“We look forward to coming back year after year,” said Kelly Appleton, from Gear Up Helmets.  “When our customers ask what's the best rally we go to, we always say Americade and tell them that if we weren't vendors it would be the rally we would attend as riders every year.” 

“While we were delighted last year when TourExpo was the largest in our 30 year history,” said Americade’s Christian Dutcher, “we weren’t surprised.  Growing a rally like ours is in this economy is a rarity,  yet we’re getting more and more calls from vendors saying ‘TourExpo is THE place to be.’”

The growing list of TourExpo vendors can be found here:  http://www.americade.com/index.php?option=com_content&;view=article&id=140&Itemid=271

Americade Week is June 4th through June 9th, and TourExpo is open June 5th through June 9th.

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