Americade offers hundreds of events and activities to do, on and off your bike.  

On your bike: Ride with or without a guide along routes that are the Best of the Best to amazing destinations with great meals. Demo more bikes than you’ll see anywhere else (on the planet). Enjoy special events like Poker Runs and Scavenger Hunts, and much more.

Off your bike: Shop at the World’s Largest Touring Expo. Watch amazing motorcycle stunt shows. Laugh yourself silly at top notch comedy shows. Enjoy stunning scenery and beautiful blue water aboard large cruise ships on “The Queen of American Lakes.”

There’s far too many options to be able to do them all in one week, so choose wisely:


Americade offers more activities than any other motorcycle rally, including many, many “On The Road” (on your motorcycle) and “Off The Bike” events. The most popular “On the Road” activities include MiniTours, Demo Rides and Scavenger Hunt Rides. They take you on the best motorcycle routes in the Lake George region, Adirondacks and Vermont’s Green Mountains, along low traffic, winding scenic rides. The rides span Monday through Saturday.

Off The Bike

Americade offers more activities than any other motorcycle rally, most of which take place on your motorcycle. In addition, there are many popular fun activities that riders enjoy off of their bike. Here's a few of them. Each year, Americade offers a variety of dinners, fireworks, and much more! Come, enjoy Americade, whether on or off the bike, we have something for everyone.

Rodeo & BBQ

Delicious smoked BBQ, pro cowboys & cowgirls, rodeo excitement and prizes from Harley-Davidson - what a fun night!

7 Lake Loop

An Americade Favorite! Wind through the peaceful Northern woods and along the shores of 7 pristine Adirondack lakes.

Indian Lake Loop

Attendees LOVED this tour last year!

The Olympic Experience

NEW! A day of incredible riding and VIP Olympic access.

Valleys & Vistas

NEW! Ride through scenic rolling farmland, and then wind your way through Vermont's valleys.

Memory Lane Tour

Ride down Memory Lane on gently winding roads that lead to the most famous (& picturesque) Country Store in VT.

Ride the Ramble

Enjoy riding along very winding lakeshore roads, and a trip across the incredible Great Sacandaga Lake bridge.

VT Covered Bridges

This is the Classic Americade MiniTour!

Mt. Equinox Thriller

Our most thrilling ride!

Shoreline Riding & Fine Dining

NEW! Looking for a gorgeous ride (one of Americade's best) combined with a fine dining lunch in a spectacular location? This Is It!

Vt High Gaps

Like to ride?

Adirondack Escape

The astounding Adirondacks await you in this NEW tour.

Motorcycle Demos & Displays

You’ll find more motorcycle & trike demos and displays at Americade than at ANY other event in the U.S.!

  • Fort William Henry
  • Tuesday 6/3 – Friday 6/6, 9am – 4pm; Saturday 6/7, 9am – 3pm
  • 2014 Events | Rides

Friday Night Spectacular by Tour Master

 Friday Night Spectacular by Tour Master now overlooks the lake, with incredible entertainment!

  • Fort William Henry
  • Friday 6/6, Optional Dinner @ 5:30pm ... Celebration @ 6:30pm ... H-D Motorcycle Drawing @ 8:20pm ... Depart for Boats @ 8:30pm
  • 2014 Events | Off The Bike

Friday Night Spectacular Dinner

Americade's biggest bash is all NEW! 

Comedy Show

Back by very popular demand, the comedy shows will surely sell out.

Opening Celebration by Rider

Come and celebrate Americade's Opening Celebration under the Big Top Tent overlooking the lake.
Music, prizes, entertainment, food and fun.

Beach Party

Grab your friends (and your Hawaiian shirt) for this NEW Must Do event!

Dinner By The Lake

You'll enjoy an elegant dinner in Fort William Henry’s wonderful White Lion Room overlooking the lake, which is only a short walk from the Comedy Show.

Friday Night Spectacular Dessert

There is so much to see and do at the Friday Night Spectacular, you won't want to miss out on the delicious dessert assortment.

Opening Celebration Desserts

Enjoy the assortment of delicious desserts, coffee and tea.

Adirondack Scenic Plane Ride

Check an item off your bucket list!

Opening Celebration Dinner

Make the Opening Celebration even better by enjoying a great dinner overlooking the lake.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Imagine yourself in the wicker basket of a hot air balloon, gently lifting off in the Adirondacks giving you a view of the countryside and memories for the rest of your life.

Ziplining & Ropes

Zip Lines, Swinging Bridges & Hanging nets, OH MY!

Party at the Ranch

DON'T MISS this year's fun!

Chuck Wagon BBQ

Have a hankerin' for some BBQ, live music, and prizes? Come on down to the Chuckwagon BBQ at the end of the Saturday Dunlop Parade.

Fashion Show

See the latest and best fashions of the motorcycle world, on stage at the Americade Fashion Show.

Breakfast by the Lake

This delicious breakfast is perfect for demo ride participants.

Fred’s Coffee Club

Relax with coffee, swap stories, make new friends, and share some laughs.

  • Fort William Henry Conference Center
  • Wednesday 6/4 - Friday 6/6, 7-8am (limited to the first 120 Americaders)
  • 2014 Events | Off The Bike

Geico Get Up & Go Breakfast

NEW Geico Get Up & Go Breakfast in a new location & a new charity.

Ghost Tour


Scavenger Hunt

New Route and New Towns!

  • Within 50 mile radius of the Lake George Region
  • Mon 6/2, 11a-5p;Tues 6/3 -Thurs 6/5, 9a-5p; Fri 6/6, 9a-3p
  • 2014 Events | Rides

Stunt Shows

We've flown in the Brigade FMX team from Arizona, with special guests Swoop Stunt Riders, to perform stunts that will leave you speachless.

Self Guided Map

For riders who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of exploring on their own, our Self-Guided Tours are the perfect option.

Wall of Death

The Daredevils Unlimited's wall of Death motorcycle stunt show will bring absolute excitement and thrill to this year's Americade.

Field Events

Show off your balancing skills!

Charity Poker Run

Enjoy a new Poker Run route with great scenery, and you may win some fantastic prizes!

  • Blue Moose Restaurant
  • Thursday 6/5 & Friday 6/6 start 9:30–11:30am Finish by 3:00pm
  • 2014 Events | Rides

Dunlop Parade

It's Americade's Dunlop Parade starring YOU!

  • Westbrook Rd.
  • Saturday 6/7: Lineup: 9am, Parade departs at 10am
  • 2014 Events | Rides

Festival of Lights

New this year: the Light Parade will light up Lake George Village.

Free Tire Check

Roll on in to Dunlop's FREE Tire inspection.  They'll visually inspect tires, check air pressure and make necessary adjustments.

  • Holiday Inn Parking Lot
  • Mon 6/2, 10am-4pm; Tues 6/3 & Wed 6/4, 9am – 4pm; Thurs 6/5, 9am - Noon
  • 2014 Events | Rides

Lake George Rotary Charity Motorcycle Drawing

Which would you choose?

Activities Room

Your place to enter Judging, Field Events, pick up trophies, Information & Daily Door Prizes.

  • FWH Conference Center
  • Mon 11am-5pm; Tues, Wed & Fri 8am - 5pm; Thur 8am - 7pm; Sat 8am - 2pm
  • 2014 Events | Off The Bike

Free Battery Check

Test your bike's power at the Yuasa FREE Battery Check at the Holiday Inn.

  • Holiday Inn Parking Lot
  • Mon 6/2, 10am-5pm; Tues 6/3 - Thurs 6/5, 9am–5pm; Fri 6/6, 9am-4pm
  • 2014 Events | Rides

Newcomers' Meeting

Get our tips on getting the most out of your Americade experience.

Adirondack Islands Cruise

Have your cameras ready as you sail around the Adirondack Islands.

Cruisin' Lake George by Harley-Davidson

Come enjoy a memorable cruise surrounded by the spectacular Adirondacks and the sparkling blue waters just off the shores.

Fireworks Cruises

Americade's amazing fireworks launch from barges on the lake.

Mardi Gras

FUN! FUN! FUN! Get in the Mardi Gras spirit.

The Great & The Gracious Cruise

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Lake George’s blue waters on a wonderful dinner & sunset cruise aboard the Saint (the grandest ship on Lake George).

"A Ural in the IronButt and MS in Life"

Paul Pelland - LonghaulPaul

"Cornering-for the street rider"

Rob Ballassai - MSF Rider Coach

"Cycle Stretch Exercises - Revitalize Yourself"

Lin Schaffer - Fitness Instructor

"Draw a Crowd with your Motorcycle Stories"

Linda Crill


Jon Hosler - Garmin International

"Group Riding"

Ted Knight

"Helmets: Functions, Safety Standards, Fit and Care"

Randy Northrup - Vice President, Schuberth


Rob Bellassai - MSF Rider Coach

"Life on Two Wheels vs. 3 Bedroom Home"

Jeff Kurtz - Photographer

"More of the Best Tips, Tricks, and Techniques!"

Diane Ortiz / George Tranos - Motorcycle Journalists, Founders/Owners, Big Apple Motorcycle School

"Moto-Foodie Tours"

Ken Aiken

"MotoMedicine: Riding for Medicinal Purposes"

Paul Pelland - Longhaulpaul

"Motorcycle Maintenance"

Randy Rodriguez, Director, GWRRA Drill Teams

"Motorcycle Suspension & Related Maintenance"

Matthew Wiley - RaceTech

"Motorcycling and Advocacy"

Danielle Fowles, AMA Grassroots Coordinator

"Motorcycling through 3rd World Countries"

Jerry Smith, Author

"MSF Seasoned Rider"

Don Gomo - Safety Editor

"Picking Up Your Motorcycle & Trailer Loading"

Gin Shear and/or Sue Slate - Riders of Kawasaki Staff

"Planning for a Long-Distance Ride"

Bob Laford

"Riding Past Your Limitations"

Holly Ralph - Director, Canadian Motorcycle Association

"Riding Twisties"

Sue Slate and Gin Shear

"South Africa- Western and Eastern Cape"

Florian Neuhauser - Senior Editor, RoadRunner


"The Evolution of Communications, Are you In Charge?"

Richard Battles - Owner, RKA

"The Touring Motorcycle Miracle: The Trike"

Jeff Vey - President, Motor Trike

"The Voices of Female Riders"

Linda Crill

"Touring New Zealand"

Fred Rau - Owner Fred Rau Adventure Tours

  • FWH Conference Center
  • Wednesday 6/4, 1:00pm & Thursday 6/5, 10:00am
  • 2014 Events | Travel

"Touring Vermont's Scenic Roads"

Ken Aiken

"What Makes Motorcycles Turn?"

Lee Parks

"Women Riders- Independent and Ridin'"

Reno Birt

"Your Battery/ Making it Last Longer"

Joe Majesky & Peter Koop - Yuasa Battery, Inc

Alonzo Bodden

Comedian and Rider

"Touring to Trackdays - We All Ride"

Dinner and Comedy Show

This is THE perfect night!  A great meal and a ticket to a very(!) funny comedy show.

  • White Lion Room & Tower’s Hall at the Fort William Henry
  • Wednesday 6/4 & Thursday 6/5. Dinner at 6pm, Comedy Show at 8pm
  • 2014 Events | Off The Bike

Fred Rau

Founder: Fred Rau Motorcycling

"We've Come A Long Way, Baby...”

Greg Drevenstedt

Rider Magazine Road Test Editor

“Two-Wheeled Time Machine”

Maggie McNally

Chair of the AMA Board of Directors and MSF Rider Coach

"Girls Can't Do What?"


Americade's Other Events

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