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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Imagine yourself in the wicker basket of a hot air balloon, gently lifting off in the Adirondacks giving you a view of the countryside and memories for the rest of your life. The whole experience lasts roughly 3 hours, with the flight lasting approximately 1 1/4 hours depending on the conditions (this is an Americade Special: average flights generally last less than an hour).

You'll join your pilot and ground crew an hour before flight time.  You'll then join the crew in deploying the balloon, while learning the basics of balloon flight.  It's hands on, but only as much as you want it to be (it's a lot of fun!).  The pilot will inflate the balloon, and when ready, you'll step aboard. 

Any balloon flight is amazing, but with Americade's extended flights you'll be getting something truly special.  As you float above the mountains and lakes, you'll notice how quiet and peaceful the flight is. 

You're flying with the wind, so there's little motion felt aboard, but you'll see the landscape slowly passing beneath you.  As you fly, the chase crew will communicate with your pilot, and follow you to your landing point.  Balloon landings are generally soft, but they can vary and do require holding on.  Some landings are like jumping from the bottom step of your stairs to the floor, and some are like jumping from 2-3 stairs up to the floor. Sometimes the balloon basket will touch down several times when coming to a stop.  The pilot will let you know in advance of the landing.

Once on the ground, the balloon will be quickly packed into the waiting chase crew vehicle, and the long tradition will be celebrated of the pilot giving the land owner a bottle of champagne for allowing him to land on his property.  You'll ride back to the launch area, full of memories of the flight, taking them with you forever. 

This is a daily activity; but you have to sign up online or by phone.


  • Where:

    Map to location will be in your registration packet at Holiday Inn.

  • When:

    Tuesday 6/3 – Friday 6/6, by reservation

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