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Stunt Shows

Don't miss this amazing professional street bike stunt show. We've flown in the Brigade FMX team from Arizona, with special guests Swoop Stunt Riders, to perform stunts that will leave you speechless. They'll perform an array of tricks in Americade's HQ that you thought were impossible. Best of all, you'll have a front row seat to all the excitement. Have your camera ready. The Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team will amaze you with their skills. Watch as they demonstrate phenomenal bike control, as they ride in complex interweaving patterns inches from each other.
Where: Fort William Henry When: Mon 6/2 3:30 & 8pm; Tues 6/3 5:30pm; Wed 6/4 5 & 7pm

Circus Una is an all- female, motorcycle-high-wire-trapeze-aerial-thrill-act.  Yes, all of those things, all at once! The motorcycle, acrobats and rider are impossibly balanced upon a thin wire.  They dance, hang, contort, and spin, and maybe even pop a wheelie on the wire, with their crazy, two-wheeled flying machine high above your head in a thrilling display of strength, poise and insanity!

Make sure you come out to Fort William Henry Friday and Saturday. The finale of this breathtaking act - a complete 360 revolution of bike and trapeze around the wire - has to be seen to be believed!

Four shows: Friday 6/6 7pm & 9pm; Saturday 6/7 12pm & 2pm

ALSO:  Have your cameras ready for the Wall of Death at Americade’s TourExpo Beach.  
Come and watch a thrilling show where the riders travel along the vertical wall
and perform amazing stunts, inches from the spectators. These shows run Tuesday 6/3 through Saturday 6/7.


THEN: at the Party at the Ranch at the end of the big Americade Dunlop Parade on Saturday, a freestyle motocross stuntman/jumper will launch off ramps and perform jaw-dropping aerial stunts 30’ above the ground !   2 shows: Saturday 6/7 10:50am and 12:15pm.


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