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Re: Americade 2020!

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Is the AMCA going to have the Vintage Garage again this year?

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Re: Americade 2020!

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Is there any way we could have registration packages mailed instead of standing in line? I would pay the extra $3 or $4 for the postage

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Re: Americade 2020!

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whiplash wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:27 pm
1st- Great to see the message board back. 2nd- keep up the good work on finding new tours. In all my years I only repeated 1 tour as it had a new route.
Last- I echo about trying to get more vendors back to Tour Expo. I really miss the ones who did installations (like lights, horns, electrical, etc.). I do understand the reality that with internet sales so popular many vendors no longer travel. I don't know if that is the case here but hoping thtere is some way you can entice some of them to return as ones that were here always seemed t be busy.
Indeed the Expo vendors are usually busy during Americade and we'd also love to have more. We reach out all through the winter.
You can help. :idea: If you see a product you'd like to see here to touch & examine, contact that company and ask if they plan to be at Americade 2020.

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Re: Americade 2020!

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Ameri-helper wrote:
Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:18 am
3. Do you have some other suggestion that you want us to chew on? Let's hear it!
I'd love to see a booth selling maps. This is a touring rally. I know I can purchase them via the Internet, but it would be nice to actually see them and maybe purchase them at a discount. Maybe the Americade promoters can make some type of deal/arrangement with some of the map companies and sell them in their T-Shirt booth.
For instance, map from the following companies:
1993 FLSTF
2014 Aspen Sentry
2001 Bushtec Turbo-II

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