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Welcome to the Americade Message Board

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This Message board is provided for Americaders and friends of Americade.

A Few Simple Rules:

1. Although you don't have to register to read the messages, in order to post or reply to them, you do have to register. It's easy and free. :D Just hit the Register button in upper left of this page. This prevents the message board from being abused. Privacy policy: we never have, nor will we, share your message board email address. Period.

2. "Commercial" messages are prohibited. However, if you want to place a commercial message with us, we may have some formats which could help you. Please contact us via the "Contact Us" button on our home page. http://www.americade.com/index.php?opti ... Itemid=383

3. For the stability and security of this message board, we do not allow the posting of executable scripts.

4. Please watch your language and avoid personal attacks. :evil: We're not a TV political debate, y'know. :lol:
If, after you post a message, you feel you've "gone overboard", you CAN edit your own message, using the "edit" button at the lower right corner.

We monitor all forums on this message board from time to time. We reserve the right to modify or remove any inappropriate or abusive messages, and to bar repeat offenders from posting, if necessary.


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