I don't want to give you my password!

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I don't want to give you my password!

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Your concern about your password is understandable.

However, we aren't asking you to disclose a password you use anywhere else, but rather to make up a new one. It should only be used in this message board, along with your User Name. It should NOT the same one you use for your email address, or any financial matter.

How to choose a password:
We suggest that you use a simple password, something like your bike model or nickname, shoe size, middle name; anything! Starting 1/1/12, new passwords have to have at least one number and one capital letter in them. If your favorite password is already taken by someone else, just add another number to it and resubmit. Write it down immediately so you don't forget.

How to save it:
Once you establish a Username and Password, save them; near your computer, or in an email file in your computer, or in your wallet.

If you lose your password:
You can always have your password reset by the message board by clicking the "I've lost my Password" link on the sign-in screen. This will allow you to request and then create a new password.

Even the website admin. can't see it:
Your security is completely intact, no matter what Password you use, because it isn't viewable by anyone, including us.

All passwords are stored encrypted in the database, so if you forget it, we can't retrieve it for you. In that case, you'd just have to create a new password, as described above.


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