5/15/2021:  Americade 2021 is looking even better!  With the recent easing of the mask mandates, we’re confident that Americade 2021 will look and feel very much like a normal year, except with stunning fall foliage.  Don’t miss this once in a lifetime fall Americade.

4/30/2021: Broadly, we are working to make Americade 2021 as safe as possible.  

We moved Americade to late September because we wanted to give everyone the best shot possible at the safest Americade possible.  By pushing it to the fall, we hope and believe that the infection rates and the vaccination rates will be much better than they are now, and that some degree of normalcy has returned to all of our lives.  With every passing day, we feel even more confident about that, as do our many partners (Honda, BMW, Indian, etc).

No matter what, we will follow the CDC and New York State health guidelines regarding Covid-19.  This likely means that we’ll have hand washing stations, perhaps some social distancing measures (though these guidelines are easing rapidly), perhaps mask requirements, etc.  

Time will tell, however we’re feeling that Americade will feel “normal” and that the September fall foliage and warm days will make for a highlight for everyone.

We’ll update this page periodically as Americade approaches.