Bill Dutcher, Americade Founder
Isle of Man Trip - Amazing Classics!,


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One of the nice things about semi-retirement is that you get to check off things on your bucket list. For over 40 years I've wanted to visit the Isle of Man (an island between England and Ireland) to watch the legendary motorcycle road racing. But their big TT is in June, around Americade, so I never made it.

Well, they have another race week at the end of August called the Classic TT which focuses on classic motorcycles. A friend of mine has gone over there every year for over a decade and invited me over.

What a show! Great for anyone who likes motorcycles and a fascinating environment. The fact that racebikes were hurtling down narrow roads past trees and churches at speeds up to 180 mph were secondary to the amazing bike s in the parking lots.

Seeing dozens of Vincent Black Shadows which fetch 6 figure $ prices at auctions, being used as daily drivers, was a real eye-opener. And the island is such a gorgeous place, a story in itself.

I'll share my experiences and 100 of my best images & video clips in this seminar.

Bill founded Americade 1983 after a career in the motorcycle industry with Bultaco, Bombardier, and Harley-Davidson. Before and during his decade with Bultaco, he competed in most types of motorcycle competition including road racing, dirt track and enduros. By his own admission, he's still half nuts and enjoys woods riding, touring and downhill skiing, often at speeds not befitting a gentleman in his golden years.


  • Where: FWH Conf. Ctr
  • When: Tuesday 6/5; 3:00pm