Don Gomo, Pres., Empire State, M/C Safety Education Program
MSF Seasoned Rider Program,


Requires Platinum Premium Classic One Day


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With the average age of motorcyclists reaching closer to 50 years old and more studies showing a connection between older riders with accidents and injuries; it is good to review information that may help reduce risks- no matter what age we are.

Don Gomo is the Safety Skills Columnist for American Iron Magazine and a MSF Rider Coach for the New York State Safety Program with over 40yrs of riding experiences. He has received national and regional awards for his work in motorcycle education, awareness and safety/ skills promotion as well as been recognized for his innovative approach to presenting information. Don is also the administrator for the website This seminar is sponsored by Empire State Motorcycle Safety Education Program.



  • Where: FWH Conf. Ctr.
  • When: Tuesday 6/5; 9:00am