Diane Ortiz & George Tranos, M/C Journalists, Founders/Owners Big Apple M/C School
The Best Tips, Tricks & Techniques,


Requires Platinum Premium Classic One Day


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Join George and Diane on a journey focused on YOU in this forum that is unconventional, challenging and enlightening. Together they'll bring you to the next level of riding without leaving your seat. Learn the motorcycling Tips, Tricks, and Techniques of the best riders.

George Tranos and Diane Ortiz have been riding together (on separate bikes) more than 25 years. They have trained thousands of people to ride through Big Apple Motorcycle School, which they founded together in 2006. Accomplished motorcycle journalists, they have a book about their experiences coming out soon.




  • Where: FWH Conf. Ctr.
  • When: Tuesday 6/4; 1:00pm & Thursday 6/6; 1:00pm