Requires Platinum Premium Classic One Day


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Cone Course Training

Have fun AND become a better rider! Free to all Americaders with a wristband (a $125 value). Do you have full control of your motorcycle at all speeds? We set up a fun course, and have professional coaches on hand, who will teach you to be a better rider, in a short amount of time.

We tend to feel most confident at highway speeds and cruising around town. But in a parking lot, are you a little nervous on that big machine? Drag your feet? Couple fingers over the front brake? 'Duck walking' the bike into that parking space? And just how wide is that u-turn? If you want to improve your low-speed control skills and have serious fun at the same time, then come check out this event!

Free Instruction from the Pros: Our professional instructors, Mike Gentile, James Tate, Rob Naszady, Erica Corley and Bob Sivori, show you basic low-speed motorcycle control techniques (works on any bike) as they ride through various cone patterns. You’ll be invited onto the course with your own bike for some personalized instruction. Then you can practice the skills you just learned, with the pros coaching as you ride the patterns. It’s a blast and ideal for any skill level. And best of all, it’s free!

Feeling competitive? Take the Rider Challenge. Ride through the patterns without hitting any cones, going out of bounds, or putting a foot down. On Friday evening, we will keep score and the top rider will receive our Top Gun Award. Why Friday? You have all week to practice. 

Whatever you ride, no matter how long you've been riding, you will leave with valuable skills that are fun to learn and practice. And you’ll be a safer rider where it really counts - out on the mean streets. Come have fun in the cones with us!

Sign up in advance in the Activities Room, or take your chances and just show up 15 minutes prior to the event.


  • Where: FWH Demo Area
  • When: Tuesday 6/5 7:00am - 8:50am; Wednesday 6/6 7:00am - 8:50am; Thursday 6/7 7:00 am - 8:50am; Friday 6/8 7:00am - 8:50am & 5:00pm - 7:30pm; Saturday 6/9 7:00am - 8:50am