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MSF Advanced RiderCourse

MSF Advanced RiderCourse – Skill Practice (ARC-SP) is a partial-day course consisting only of riding exercises.

This MSF Advanced RiderCourse (updated) (ARC) is designed for experienced riders. For the purposes of this course, an experienced rider is one who has basic skills, is a current rider, and possesses a current motorcycle permit, license or endorsement. Riders should ride their own personal, street-legal motorcycle. A formal classroom is not required.

Range exercises will go deeper into crash-avoidance skills. Improving your braking and cornering finesse is emphasized. The course is beneficial for riders on any type of street motorcycle.

You must bring your own motorcycle.

Free to registered Americade attendees!


  • Where: Sign Up: FWH Conf. Ctr.; Course: Prospect Mountain
  • When: Sign Up: Monday 6/3, 11:00am at FWH Conf. Ctr.