Requires Platinum Premium Classic One Day


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Skills Challenge

Think you've got the skills it takes to win an Americade Skills Challenge? Time to put them to the test! Sign up in the Activities Room to enter the Skills Challenge against your fellow Americaders. Winners will take home an award and bragging rights!

  • Biker's Balance Beam - Take a pass across a 2x4 beam in the obstacle course and see if you have the balance to make it all the way. Whoever makes it across the fastest without falling wins!
  • Water Cup Obstacle Course - We will tape a cup of water to the top of your helmet as you make your way through the obstacle course in the Demo Area. Whoever has the most water left in the cup at the end wins!
  • Golf Ball Balance - Have a passenger and want to join the fun? Ride 2-up through a special traffic cone course while trying to place golf balls on the top of the cones. Sounds simple, but it requires good rider-passenger coordination. Any rider-passenger combo is allowed.
  • Slow Race - How slowly can you ride? We set up a special straight-line course, where "racers" compete head-to-head, with the slowest time winning. This always draws a crowd, which adds to the excitement!

Sign up at the Activities Room at least 1/2 hour before the events begin. These games are entertaining whether you play or watch! Trophies for winners and prizes from​ the​ sponsor.


  • Where: FWH Demo Area
  • When: Wednesday; 5:00pm