Know where the free parking areas are.



Americade offers TWO  free parking areas all week long.  

  1. Fort William Henry – Wristbanded attendees can park for free all week long at Fort William Henry
  2. Beach Road (in front of the huge grass park) – Anyone (with or without a wristband) can park for free on this section of Beach Road.  Americade rents it, so that free public parking can be offered.  (Note, the end of Beach Road closest to the Village is NOT free.  It is controlled by the Village and requires a fee.)


The Village of Lake George offers PAID Parking on Beach Road, from Canada Street to the Lake George Steamboats.  It is not controlled or sold by Americade.  It is controlled by the Village of Lake George.

Lake George Village sells a Preferred Parking Pass (the famous “PP pass”), which allows you to park in their paid parking area, as well as any of their metered spots during Americade Week.  These parking passes are available at several locations, including at the exit from registration at the Holiday Inn.

Honey, do you remember where I parked my bike??