Photo and Video Contest: 

Do you have an eye for capturing the moment? We’d love to see what you did  during Americade—and maybe you could win a prize!


Some of the things we look for are FWH Events, Big Crowds, Boat Rides, Pretty Scenery, MiniTour Destinations, Americade’s EXPO, the Americade Concert Series, Smiling Faces, Demos, Interesting People, Motorcycles, Sun & Fun.



  • The best photo submitted will be awarded $200, and will appear as Americade’s Official Facebook page header for 2 weeks!
  • Please send us no more than 10.  (We sometimes get submissions with hundreds of photos, which we simply can’t review).  
  • Title the subject of your email “Photo Contest Submission”



  • The best video will be awarded $200, and will appear on Americade’s Official Facebook page and Youtube channel
  • For videos, send us a link to your best short video (no greater than roughly 3 min).
  • Title the subject of your email “Photo Contest Submission”


Submit entries to:  Please include your name, address & phone number with all entries.

Entries must be received by 9/1 of the same year to be considered for the contest.


Consent Agreement: Submitted materials will not be returned. Americade is not responsible for the loss or damage of any entry. Submission of an entry authorizes Americade to use the entry for publication in the Americade related publications, websites and social media channels, and in any promotions related to Americade.