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“Let’s start a ‘Motorcycle Protective Clothing’ Brand!” And there is certainly no shortage of them. The upside to the available options in the market is that it forced Gryphon to think outside the box with designs in order to put themselves at the forefront of a competitive market.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the best industry in the world, within one of the best parts of it. When I say best, I don’t mean wealthy or safe or anything like that. I mean best based on my experiences and opportunities to view the full marketplace.  Having the opportunity to travel the world
developing life long relationships based on the love of motorcycles in a career spanning 42 years.  A career that allowed me to take part in product development and design, laying the foundation for a keen understanding of the
market needs.

On top of that, I believe I grew up in the Golden Age of motorcycles. With a career beginning in the ’70s, I have been exposed to many influential subcultures that have molded
today’s motorcycle industry.   The birth of the Sport Bike, Sport Touring, Gold Wing, the explosion of Harley Davidson, the coming of age of Adventure Touring, development of the Naked Bike and the timeless Cafe Racer.

Gryphon is the culmination of these experiences allowing for the creation of a product line based on sound fundamentals of quality and design.  We look to develop an unbeatable riding experience that will provide you the peace of mind to enjoy the ride.

Gary & Jenny Cuzner


Posted on

June 23, 2021