UNGUIDED: Canyon's Edge Tour w/Freedom Pass

  • Type: Un-Guided
  • Tuesday - Saturday
  • Distance: ~185 mi R-T
  • Departure Location: From your hotel
  • Departure: At Your Leisure (Lunch available 11:30am - 1:30pm)
  • Return: At Your Leisure


CanyonTourA-Includes the entrance to Ausable Chasm
-Ride the shores of Lake George & Lake Champlain
-View the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks
-$15 Freedom pass voucher for lunch









Some great riding days involve more than just riding. This will be one of those days.

The Ride: You'll ride north along the shores of Lake George and Lake Champlain, with the New York's Adirondacks on your left and Vermont's Green Mountains to your right. The route is a wonderful mix of twisties, gentle sweepers, and lake-shore cruising. It happens to include several of our favorite east/west mountainous routes, which involve many left-right-left sweepers. So, you'll see it all in one day's riding. Your ride is valid any day of Americade Week, so you can cherry-pick the best riding day (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride).

The Destination: You'll arrive at "The Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks." It's a 150 deep chasm, carved over eons by a serpentine river running through it. You'll have a ticket that allows you to walk the most scenic walking tour in the Adirondacks. Wander for one to five miles on well-maintained, self-guided walking/hiking trails where one spectacular view after another awaits. Each of the many scenic vistas provides you with a different perspective of the natural beauty. Your ticket is valid any day of Americade Week (a benefit of a Freedom Pass ride).

What's an UNGUIDED RIDE? It guarantees a great ride on your own.

We carefully create great riding routes in the Adirondacks and Vermont, on excellent routes on good pavement, with scenic vistas, interesting stops, and great lunch suggestions, all on low-traffic fun riding roads.

- Routes: We obsess about our routes, testing and testing routes so that we can provide you the best one possible on roads you wouldn't normally locate on your own. We emphasize scenery, good pavement, low traffic and traffic lights, safe intersections, good gas stops and clean bathrooms.
- GPS, Turn-by-Turn Directions: You'll have GPS-led, turn-by-turn directions the whole way, with special notifications for great points of interest. You'll know where to turn, where the views are the best, where good scenic stops are, where the best bathrooms are, and more. You'll even be able to see where your riding partners are on the ride! It's like having your own professional motorcycle guide along for the ride.
- Lunch (and dessert): You'll be led to three of the best places to eat on the route. You choose which one suits you best (best food style, least busy, shortest line, etc). After lunch, we try to always include a good dessert stop on the return leg.
- Don't have a smartphone, or prefer hard copy maps? No worries - we'll email you a map instead.
- Round-trip mileages are approximate.

If you're coming all the way to the Adirondacks, then why not guarantee yourself a great day of riding?