Star Trek Original Series Set Tour

  • Type: Rides Un-Guided
  • Tuesday 6/4 - Saturday 6/8
  • Distance: ~100 mi R-T
  • Departure Location: From Your Hotel
  • Departure: At Your Leisure (Breakfast available 8:00am - 12:00pm)
  • Return: At Your Leisure


-Popular in 2018KBerg2018 018
-Short tour perfect for a half day
-Every Star Trek Fans dream - William Shatner will be there on Friday Eve & all day Saturday!










This tour was so popular in 2018, that we had to bring it back for 2019!

Touted as a stunning achievement offering the most complete and accurate reproduction of the original standing sets from Star Trek: The Original Series.

This is a chance to tour the meticulously recreated set of the Starship: Enterprise. Walk the corridors, tour engineering, sickbay, the Captain’s Quarters, and the iconic bridge. Visit the transporter room, and see the briefing room where the crew gathered – in short, relive the excitement of this groundbreaking television series and see how it was made.

We have paired this tour with a short ride for your enjoyment - it's a perfect 1/2 day ride. You will stop in the birthplace of the United States Navy at a historic 1906 building that was once a bank and is now a charming and rustic restaurant. You have the freedom to choose your menu using your $12 Freedom Pass. You'll have a choice of Omelets, Pancakes, French Toast, Breakfast Sandwiches, and more!

Every Star Trek Fans dream - William Shatner will be there on Friday Eve & all day Saturday!

WHAT IS AN UnGUIDED RIDE? (psst, it's your best bet to a great day of riding on your own.)
Americade UnGuided Ride are the best way to experience the Adirondacks or Vermont on your own or just with your friends, without worrying about finding good routes, smooth pavement, great scenery, and good food! We've done all the planning for you, including pre-riding all the routes and testing the great lunches (it's hard work, but someone has to do it...).

You leave on your own, follow the detailed maps we provide and arrive at a very special breakfast destination where Americade staff will greet you. Enjoy a scrumptious meal of your choice from the menu with fellow Americaders. Round trip mileages are approximate.

So, if you're coming all the way up to the Adirondacks, why not guarantee yourself a great day of riding?