The Sidewinder w/Freedom Pass

  • Type: Rides Un-Guided
  • Tuesday 6/4 - Saturday 6/8
  • Distance: ~175 miles R-T
  • Departure: At Your Leisure (Lunch available TBD)
  • Return: At Your Leisure


-New for 2019bpview2
-Ride twisty roads in the Adirondacks
-Beautiful scenery
-Ice Cream
-$15 voucher for you to pick your own meal from the menu








B ChamberDo you like riding twisty roads? Beautiful scenery? The freedom to cherrypick the best day of the week to ride? Oh, and ice cream shops? We're going to guess that the answer is "yes." If so, you'll love this new tour.

The Sidewinder is a great ride north into the Adirondacks taking you on some wonderful roads we've been eyeing for years. Your route takes you on a mix of entertaining, smooth roads, including a few that follow an extremely twisty section of lakeshore - it's one of the twistiest in the Adirondacks!

The route brings you to a traditional Adirondack General Store, an ice cream shop in a quaint village, and a lunch stop where your lunch voucher allows you to choose from a variety of items on their menu.

It's a fun, entertaining and ever-changing ride that only Americade can bring you.

You'll have the freedom to choose your menu using your $15 Freedom Pass.

WHAT IS AN UnGUIDED RIDE? (psst, it's your best bet to a great day of riding on your own.)
Americade UnGuided Ride are the best way to experience the Adirondacks or Vermont on your own or just with your friends, without worrying about finding good routes, smooth pavement, great scenery, and good food! We've done all the planning for you, including pre-riding all the routes and testing the great lunches (it's hard work, but someone has to do it...).

You leave on your own, follow the detailed maps we provide and arrive at a very special breakfast destination where Americade staff will greet you. Enjoy a scrumptious meal of your choice from the menu with fellow Americaders. Round trip mileages are approximate.

So, if you're coming all the way up to the Adirondacks, why not guarantee yourself a great day of riding?