Mondayas/resv.MSF Law Enforcement CourseProspect Mtn
Monday11am-5pmActivities RoomFWH Conf. Center
Monday11am-5pmThe Amazing RideLG Region
Monday11am-7pmSign-In (Pre & Post Reg)Holiday Inn
Monday4-5pmWhat’s New & What To DoFWH Conf. Center
Monday5:30-6:30pmDinner by the LakeFWH Big Top Tent
Monday5:30pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowFWH Demo Area
Monday5:30-7:30pmOpening Celebration by RiderFWH Big Top Tent
Monday7:30pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowFWH Demo Area
Tuesday7-8amLadies Motorcycle Coffee Club w Diane OrtizFWH Conf. Center
Tuesday7-11amBreakfast by the LakeFWH White Lion Rm
Tuesday8amGuided Rides Departure (7:30am Rider’s Meeting)Beach Rd Lot
Tuesday8am-5pmActivities RoomFWH Conf. Center
Tuesday8am-7pmSign-InHoliday Inn
Tuesdayas/resv.MSF Advanced Ridercourse (ARC)Prospect Mtn
Tuesdayas/resv.Adirondack Side-By-Side RideSee Map
Tuesdayas/resv.Ride the Rails RideSee Map
TuesdayVariesUnguided Rides (details: see map)See Map
Tuesday9am-3pmAmericade University SeminarsFWH Conf. Center
Tuesday9am-4pmMotorcycle Demos/DisplaysFWH Demo Area
Tuesday9am-5pmThe Amazing RideLG Region
Tuesday8:30am-7pmFree Battery CheckBeach Rd
Tuesday8:30am-7pmAmericade’s ExpoFestival Commons
Tuesday8:30am-7pmVintage GarageExpo
Tuesday9am-12amFree Motorcycle Parking (see map)See Map
Tuesday11am-3pmLive Entertainment w/Richie OrtizExpo
Tuesday4-5pmWhat’s New & What To DoFWH Conf. Center
Tuesday5pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowFWH Demo Area
Tuesday5:30-6:30pmMedieval FeastFWH White Lion Rm
Tuesday5:30-6:30pmRider Insider Live PodcastFWH White Lion Rm
Tuesday6:30pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowFWH Demo Area
Tuesday6:30-8pmAmericade Knights of the Round TableFWH White Lion Rm
Wednesday7-8amFred’s Coffee ClubFWH Conf. Center
Wednesday7-11amBreakfast by the LakeFWH White Lion Rm
Wednesday8amGuided Rides Departure (7:30am Rider’s Meeting)Beach Rd Lot
Wednesday8am-5pmActivities RoomFWH Conf. Center
Wednesday8am-7pmSign-InHoliday Inn
Wednesdayas/resv.MSF Advanced Ridercourse (ARC)Prospect Mtn
Wednesdayas/resv.Adirondack Side-By-Side ToursSee Map
Wednesdayas/resv.Ride the Rails RideSee Map
WednesdayVariesUnguided Rides (details: see map)See Map
Wednesday9am-3pmAmericade University SeminarsFWH Conf. Center
Wednesday9am-4pmMotorcycle Demos/DisplaysFWH Demo Area
Wednesday9am-5pmThe Amazing RideLG Region
Wednesday8:30am-7pmFree Battery CheckBeach Rd
Wednesday8:30am-7pmAmericade’s ExpoFestival Commons
Wednesday8:30am-7pmVintage GarageExpo
Wednesday9am-12amFree Motorcycle Parking (see map)See Map
Wednesday11am-3pmLive Entertainment w/Richie OrtizExpo
Wednesday5pmSkills ChallengeFWH Demo Area
Wednesday6-7:45pmCharity Silent AuctionFWH Carriage House
Wednesday6pm-8pmVeterans Cruise – Saint – boarding at 5:30LG Steamboat Dock
Wednesday7-8pmFeatured Speaker – Fred RauFWH Conf. Center
Wednesday8-9pmComedy Show – Alonzo BoddenFWH Carriage House
Thursday7-11amBreakfast by the LakeFWH White Lion Rm
Thursday8amGuided Rides Departure (7:30am Rider’s Meeting)Beach Rd Lot
Thursday8amKTM Adventure Bike RideFWH Demo Lot
Thursday8am-5pmActivities RoomFWH Conf. Center
Thursday8am-7pmSign-InHoliday Inn
Thursdayas/resv.MSF Ultimate Bike Bonding Course (UBBC)Prospect Mtn
Thursdayas/resv.Adirondack Side-By-Side ToursSee Map
ThursdayVariesUnguided Rides (details: see map)See Map
Thursday9am-3pmAmericade University SeminarsFWH Conf. Center
Thursday9am-4pmMotorcycle Demos/DisplaysFWH Demo Area
Thursday9am-5pmThe Amazing RideLG Region
Thursday8:30am-7pmFree Battery CheckBeach Rd
Thursday8:30am-7pmAmericade’s ExpoFestival Commons
Thursday8:30am-7pmVintage GarageExpo
Thursday9am-12amFree Motorcycle Parking (see map)See Map
Thursday9:30-11:30amCharity Poker Run DepartsTBD
Thursday11am-3pmLive Entertainment w/Richie OrtizExpo
Thursday2pm-7pmBrew Tour w/DinnerAdk Region
Thursday6pm-7pmFire It Up! at the Vintage GarageExpo
Thursday6pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowFWH Demo Area
Thursday6pm-8pmBeatles Boat Cruise w/Dinner – Saint – boarding at 5:30LG Steamboat Dock
Thursday7pm-8pmFeatured Speaker – Momma DFWH Conf. Center
Friday7-11amBreakfast by the LakeFWH White Lion Rm
Friday8amGuided Rides Departure (7:30am Rider’s Meeting)Beach Rd Lot
Friday8am-5pmActivities RoomFWH Conf. Center
Friday8am-7pmSign-InHoliday Inn
Fridayas/resv.MSF Advanced Ridercourse (ARC)Prospect Mtn
Fridayas/resv.Adirondack Side-By-Side ToursSee Map
FridayVariesUnguided Rides (details: see map)See Map
Friday9am-3pmAmericade University SeminarsFWH Conf. Center
Friday9am-3pmThe Amazing RideLG Region
Friday9am-4pmMotorcycle Demos/DisplaysFWH Demo Area
Friday8:30am-7pmFree Battery CheckBeach Rd
Friday8:30am-7pmAmericade’s ExpoFestival Commons
Friday8:30am-7pmVintage GarageExpo
Friday9am-12amFree Motorcycle Parking(see map)See Map
Friday11am-3pmLive Entertainment w/Richie OrtizExpo
Friday3-10pmBlock Party & Music FestivalCorner Beach Rd & Canada St
Friday7:45pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowFWH
Friday5:30pm-7:30pmFriday Night SpectacularFWH Big Top Tent
Friday5pm-6pmPeople’s Choice JudgingFWH Big Top Tent
Friday5:30pm-6:30pmFriday Night Spectacular DinnerFWH Big Top Tent
Friday6pm-7pmAwards & Major Door PrizesFWH Big Top Tent
Friday7pmVintage Bikes RoarFWH Big Top Tent
Friday7:20pmGrand Prize DrawingFWH Big Top Tent
Friday8pm-9:30pmFireworks Cruise – MinneHaHa (boarding at 7:30pm)LG Steamboat Dock
Friday8:15pmFireworks on the LakeOver Lake George
Saturday7-11amBreakfast by the LakeFWH White Lion Rm
Saturday8am-1pmRide for Kids Charity Ride
Saturday8-9:30amRide for Kids Breakfast
Saturday9:30amRide for Kids Charity Ride Line up
Saturday10:05amRide for Kids Charity Ride Departs
Saturday11:30am-1pmRide for Kids Lunch
Saturday11:30amBen & Jerry’s of LG: Free Ice Cream for Ride for Kids Participants
Saturday12:00pmMajor Doorprizes
Saturday12:45pmRFK Grand Prize Giveaway
Saturday8am-2pmActivities RoomFWH Conf. Center
Saturday8am-2pmSign-InFWH Front Gate
Saturdayas/resv.Adirondack Side-By-Side ToursSee Map
SaturdayVariesUnguided Rides (details: see map)See Map
Saturday9am-3pmMotorcycle Demos/DisplaysFWH Demo Area
Saturday8:30am-7pmAmericade’s ExpoFestival Commons
Saturday8:30am-7pmVintage GarageExpo
Saturday9am-5pmFree Motorcycle Parking (see map)See Map
Saturday8:30am-7pmFree Battery CheckBeach Rd
Saturday11am-3pmLive Entertainment w/Richie OrtizExpo
Saturday1-10pmBlock Party & Music FestivalCorner Beach Rd & Canada St
Saturday6pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowCorner Beach Rd & Canada St
Saturday7pmLake George Rotary 50/50 RaffleCorner Beach Rd & Canada St
Saturday8pmMotoMotion Freestyle Stunt ShowCorner Beach Rd & Canada St
Saturday2pm-7pmBrew Tour w/DinnerAdk Region
Saturday6pm-8pmCruisin’ LG w/Dinner- MohicanLG Steamboat Dock
Saturday8-9pmComedy Show – Alonzo BoddenFWH Carriage House